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To High School or Not to High School…That is the question


I won’t lie. This year has been difficult. Math being the number one culprit. I knew I would struggle going into teaching Algebra I, but never in my life did I think the struggle would lead me to tears. Now that we scraped through Algebra I by the skin of our teeth, I have to teach geometry next. I’m struggling. I’m struggling badly. It almost makes me not want to continue homeschooling, just because of geometry. I will have a ninth and a tenth grader next year. I cannot do that to my children.

Next comes the hard questions. How am I going to teach something I do not understand and never understood? Will I be doing what’s best for my children? They claim I will. My son even told me. “Mom, don’t quit. You always figure it out. I’m sure you can figure this out too.” My husband basically told me the same thing. Now, though, I struggle with another question. Are they right?

I really don’t know. I am glad this year is over, but next year GEOMETRY looms. If high school math was just as normal as elementary school math I would have no problem. HELP!! Now, though I have to figure it out. The rest of the year went great! They both made A’s and B’s. The only ‘B’ they made was in Algebra I. Was that my fault? I can only say yes. So I truck on with lots of praying. There will be a way. I just have to find it. Until we meet again…

Happy Trails,



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