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A Shocker As I Walk Into the Den


It was a pleasant shock, though.

I have a German Shepherd. She is my fur child. She is the most amazing dog in the world. We have to have our outside time. Mostly it is in the morning when my kids are doing their schoolwork.

One particular morning–when FALL finally arrived–I couldn’t help but sit outside with the book I was writing and my cup of coffee. I had the screen door opened, the kids were silently working (creepy, I know) and then I heard something. I thought it was my son aggravating my daughter–normal occurrence. I was ready to get my MOMMA-NESS out and let him have it, but it fell away as soon as I walked in the den. THEY WERE TEACHING EACH OTHER.

Sister (little sister) was having a hard time understanding the algebra assignment and brother (big brother, best one there is) was helping her understand it. I felt like I needed to walk out and walk back in–this isn’t my house, I must be dreaming. I was a proudly happy mom. There seems to be more and more times like that.

In a way, I love it. In a way, I don’t. However, I can’t stop them from growing up. Remembering where we started five years ago and where we are right now, I would not change a thing! Happy trails!



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