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The Best Things to Hear as a Homeschooling Parent…


I will just admit I have dreaded this year in homeschooling more than any. We started HIGH SCHOOL in July this year. I dreaded it for two main reasons, one, science was never my best subject, and two, neither was math. Both of those were extremely important beginning this year, because now credits were on the line. I wondered if I would ever do them justice in teaching them, and then, my mind was blown–in one of the best ways.

My 15 and 13 year-old took school upon themselves. I write down their daily assignments in their assignment notebooks. I stayed in the room, ready to jump in and teach, and didn’t have to. They worked together, team teaching each other. MIND BLOWN! I must have done something right. I stayed with my teacher’s editions in hand to make sure they were doing it right, and WOW!! They worked together going through each step as I had taught them to early on.

I remember saying, “If you take one step at a time you will get the right answer.” They have and they did. I also remembered thinking of the wonderful song I have heard so many times in my life–“ONE DAY AT A TIME, SWEET JESUS”, written by the late Patsy Cline who was never able to sing it, but it went on to become a hit when Christy Lane sang it.

One step at a time or one day at a time in life or religion, works in all things. So, maybe I only know the answers with the teacher’s edition in hand, but so much more the worth when your children teach it because they know it! I’m not a failure after all, and maybe HIGH SCHOOL won’t be as bad as I thought. Happy trails!

Until we meet again.



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