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What most don’t understand about why I homeschool . . .


First of all, I am not a religious fanatic, believing that all public schools are evil incarnate. I am a product of  the public schools, and I feel I turned out pretty good. Could I have done better than I did? Probably.

I also taught public and/or private school for twelve years. However, I taught exceptional education. I had a Master’s Degree in exceptional education. My undergraduate degree was in early childhood education. I saw these learning disabilities in the beginning and was determined to help each child I taught.

YES!!! There are such things as learning disabilities. Dyslexia was the enemy of my children. It is not a cop-out for parents or students. When I was in public school, as a student, I saw the struggles many of my friends had because they couldn’t read as fast as others or couldn’t grasp a concept like others could. Learning disabilities are real and prevalent, more so now than ever before.

When my children started public school, I knew learning would be a problem for them. I saw it from when they were younger. However, knowing what I did to help the students I taught, I believed my children would be okay.

As they progressed in school the problems started presenting themselves. I requested they be tested for learning disabilities. They were, they were found. Homework became a nightmare, and I had to live at the school.

Head room mother has its perks. I was there constantly. I saw my children falling through the cracks. I became the mom some teachers hated, but some teachers loved. I would show up unannounced and that gave me quite a bit of insight.

It was too much for me to take in, though. I had failed my child. Then my other child started school and I saw the same things. I had now failed my second child. I knew what my children were capable of. I knew if they just had a little extra help they could  succeed. It was then that I knew what had to be done. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS NO OTHER WAY!

Since I took them out of public school they have taken leaps and bounds in their education. I can give them what they need. I can help them reach their potential. I wish I had begun sooner.

Now for my disclaimer. Public education is NOT public enemy number one. Many children succeed and do well, but some don’t. That is why we have that choice. I am grateful to have that choice.




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