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. . . And there is nothing new under the sun


The title comes from Ecclesiastes 1:9. Ecclesiastes is one of my favorite books because it tells me that there is a time for everything and everything has happened before and will happen again. This has become a go-to lately with the atrocities in Beirut, France and so many other countries that the media just does not bother to tell us about.

My children’s biggest question to me right now is, “Will it come here?” My answer to them is, “I just don’t know.” I feel like I’m lying to them, but I really don’t know if it will or if it won’t. So many things are happening, I feel like next week the U.S. will disappear or a new Civil War will break out. This seems more likely than not to me. I have friends and family in the military that are just waiting for the call and are chomping at the bit to take care of the situation. That is their job, but then I remember the Ten Commandments and “Thou shalt not kill.” I hear messages being shouted at me from the Bible, “Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.”–He knows how many hairs are on each person’s head.–“Love thine enemy.” Then I remember God giving angels in the form of soldiers to make something happen. He has allowed those against him to be killed. I am behind our military in every effort they make and luckily most stand on “In God We Trust”. I feel He will make happen what needs to happen, whether in our country’s favor or not. God brought down Rome and many other countries in Bible times. I will wait on the Lord.

So much to process. In homeschool we have used this as a learning opportunity and a huge time to pray. So I request prayers for our country, France, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey. Might as well include the entire world. If you are ‘not the praying kind of person’, well, now may be a good time to start. I know this is not a true homeschool post, but thank you for reading and visiting.



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