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So many changes


As a homeschool Mom most of you can relate to how many changes can happen within the year. We have almost done away with textbooks. I found a math program called Key to . . . fill in the blank–fractions, decimals, percents, algebra, geometry, etc. It finally made math easier for my children. I have even learned a few things. History and science, although I continue to use a book to give them topics, have become pure notebooking. We learn history, geography, and science this way and it sticks with them better too. It is so much better than droning on, reading a textbook, and giving a test that they remember information for just that amount of time and then forget. Be honest, how many of you remember much about what you learned in school about history and science. If you do then great. If you don’t then welcome to my world.

My children seem to like it better too. Some subjects they get to pick out by themselves, some–those of which I do remember–I choose for them. Who remembers the significance between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton? If you watch a certain Disney program, you do. I only remembered it then. Who remembers The Dark Ages? The Renaissance? Not many. However, when Notebooking, you do. If it is a topic you are extremely interested in then you will remember it just because you want too.

If you like artists you know who Pablo Picasso is. Do you know his real name? Pablo Diego Jose’ Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Maria de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santisima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso. I knew his name–Pablo Picasso, but never would I have found out how long his real name was until we did our unit on Spain, which started with Columbus, because Spain was the only country that decided to fund his trip–King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella– after two years of negotiations. My children and I learned more, notebooking about Columbus than I EVER learned in school. It was a fascinating study. Columbus had two sons too. Did you know that? Maybe you did, but I didn’t.

The crazy part is, history and English were my favorite subjects in school. If you and your homeschoolers find that textbooks have become boring, then try this at . It was a subject savior. Many units are already laid out for you and all you have to do is put in a search word and there you have it. I am so very thankful to Debra L. Reed for going the extra mile and creating an amazing site and so many units that we now have access to. My children and I have enjoyed it and we will continue to use it!

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