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Those Days


Those days are the ones you just want to quit  or start completely over. Can we turn back the clock, please? Can we fix the day that has gone so down so quickly, please? Unfortunately, no, unless someone has invented time travel and hasn’t told me, yet. Those days that you just want to climb back in bed, remember every day you awake you have a purpose, even though you may not see it yet, and you may not see it for a long time. Those days when the hardest one to get started hasn’t even made her appearance yet, and you’ll hear the griping about how “he always finishes before me,” and although wanting to give a gentle reminder, it comes out like Dragon’s breath because you’ve just had enough.

“Momma said there would be days like this.”

I love that I still have both of my parents, even though I am 44 years old. I know if I can call and just talk to my mom she’ll sing those words to me. Even if you don’t have a family support system because they think you are the one that is OUT THERE. Embrace it, because being the one that’s OUT THERE is sometimes the best one to be. Look to your fellow homeschool moms, the ones that have been out there much longer than you and have been through exactly what you have. It becomes a major support system!

You look at your house and just shake your head, they’ve done the same thing. You’ve had a day where you have breathed fire more than you care to remember and have thought seriously about putting them on that school bus or sitting in that drop-off / pick-up line of cars at the public school. Then something happens, you get an unasked-for hug and you hear, “You are the best mom.” That has a tendency to turn your day and you can suddenly see the sunny blue sky that started off so gray. The family dog nudges your hand and gives you the look, telling you “Everything will be okay.”

That’s when the bad part of the day is forgotten and the good part is all you remember. Until we meet again.

Keep Smiling!



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