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Technology and Homeschool


There are so many programs on computers for the sole use of homeschoolers. You can have entire curriculum on the computer and just use that to teach your children. There are sites that give your children extra help if needed. There are even sites that help you keep up with grades or GPA needed in high school.

There are laptops, iPad, iPods, note tablets like from Samsung, etc. But how do you know your child is getting what they need? My biggest problem with curriculum on the computer is screen time. They have so much “screen time” now days that I prefer my children to use a good mix of both book and internet knowledge. If researching for notebooking, they use their iPad. They find their information they need and use it to report to me their findings. In that sense I am okay with it. We are working on reading things and putting them in their own words. However, plagiarism can also become an issue in using technology for things like that.

As homeschool parents, we know what’s best for our children. If your child or children are disciplined enough to do entire coursework on the computer, then by all means let them. This is strictly my opinion and what I have observed during the five years that I have done this. I know many others have homeschooled for much longer and we all use what works best for our children. Happy Homeschooling!




  1. Shaquanda says:

    I agree with this post. Each child is different and if they can from electronics then why not?


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