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Ever have one of those days?


I laugh as I type that because I know any parents that homeschool, or really any parents, can always answer that question with YES! Homeschooling is amazing and sometimes even extreme. Today, though, just drug by so very slow. I wanted out of my house. The weather was fantastic and my sweet German Shepherd was so very patient. She knows she gets her “Mom time” after school is over.

She knows that I love her and she knows when “Mom” just needs a big wet nose nudge to the hand. That is her way of saying, Soon, I know. Soon. Then she walks over to her fluffy comforter or her air conditioner vent and waits patiently. Without my “fur children” I am not sure what it would be like. We recently lost one of our three, Charlie, our rat terrier. He had been around since before my son was born.  I have never cried for three days straight, until then.

It has been just one of those days where nothing seemed to go smoothly. Transition is never an easy thing, but never has been as bumpy as today. But, we made it through. My “fur girl” and I are outside winding down, and at least day one of transition is over. It could have gone smoother, but some days are just that way.

Tomorrow, God willing, holds new promises. I feel as if this is a step in the right direction. They have never been excited about science until now. They seemed happy with the new history idea too.

What is all the new transition about? From public school teacher to homeschooling mom, to partial unschooling which began today. Do you remember much about what you learned when you were in science and history in school, aside from what interested you? Neither did I, and then lo and behold. . .

WOW commenced. Until we meet again . . .




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