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When Nothing Works Anymore


Okay, so the title might be slightly misleading. I’m not speaking of behavior or health. Think on this, though. There are so many curricula out there for homeschool, hundreds, possibly even thousands. Each covers different subject areas, yet, so far, not one is a perfect fit for your kids. What do you do?

You know what works best. You’ve been doing this long enough to figure that out. There is not one specific book or curricula that works so you have a million (exaggeration) resources to pull from and you end up making your own.

That is what I have had to end up doing. I like both Saxon Math (older versions) and Teaching Textbooks. So for math I have pulled from both and have finally found success. My kids even approve.

I discovered this with science, too. I use a mixture of secular and non-secular books. It works well. History has become my new challenge, but I have finally figured that out too. Can we say National Geographic?

Yes, I found two well-rounded ideas. We take secular history and pair it with Bible history. National Geographic’s Almanac of World History  and our minister’s Bible studies that he has written, using another way that I found–Journaling and Doodling Through the Bible. It works.

Now, although there are several books that are all-inclusive, they tend to be written in conversational language rather than textbook speak. Of course, I understand that, but words, words, and more words are not the way my kids learn best. They need straightforward and to-the-point, along with visual representations.

Grammar and composition have two sources I work with, too.

I hear you now, asking why. Well, we began homeschooling to teach our children in the best way they could learn. If what it takes is creating my own curriculum then, that is what I’ll do. It works great for our children. Until we meet again, happy trails!

Keep smiling,



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