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“Could you homeschool my kids?”


Admittedly this question took me aback, and frankly, still has me beating myself up over. I know homeschooling is the best fit for my kids. I know how they learn, the way to get them to do their best, and the best way to challenge them. I know this because they are my kids. I have known them all their lives 24-7, except for the short time they were in public school. Now that I have them home, I cannot imagine a better way for them to learn.

Now to the other side of things, the one who asked me the question, “Could you homeschool my kids?” I have known for many years, and admittedly, I have known these children their entire lives. The very huge drawback to homeschooling them is the fact that I do not know how they learn. I know the person that asked me this question will not be satisfied with how I teach, even though I teach my own kids, and they do very well. No matter which way I answer, this could, and will most likely, cause a huge rift between us. Maybe I should be screaming, “HELP!!”

The one thing that still has me beating myself up over and debating highly with myself is I KNOW that this is the best course of action for them, too. They are in a very serious situation. That is as far as I will say.

I am at a loss.

I knew this was coming, but still am not ready to take on the barrage of criticizing that I know I will get, from possibly more than one party, no matter what I say or do. So, I shall be in prayerful conversation, and I know He will lead me in the right path. Until we meet again, keep smiling!



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