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Schedule Changes


Wow, what a week. So much has happened this week, some good, some not so good, but we roll with the flow, right? That is what we do. When everything suddenly gets disrupted, even though we thought–no problem, we got this, something will turn around and show us–ha ha you’re wrong. :/

Math is the thorn in my side right now, but everyone knows, until you master one thing, you cannot move on to another. So that is what we are doing. My kids are hating it, but haven’t showed mastery in it, so we keep doing it. the words, “UGH! Mom when can we stop this?” My answer, “When you get it.” I get the grumbly face look and just shrug my shoulders at said child that gave me the grumbly face look.

Once again, we go with the flow, and we have to flow right along with mastery of subjects. Next week, I’ll probably get more grumbly face looks. We are learning a new writing diagram, but I think it will work better for them. It actually looks like fun. Keep smiling!




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