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Electives–No More Burrs in My Shoe


Okay, so I tried to get my kids to tell me what kind of things they might be interested in for electives. Well my daughter’s were easy enough. She is an art person all the way. I gave her a list to choose from that had many things on it, some art related and some not. She chose almost all artsy things–Painting, Drawing, Art History (that surprised me), Piano, and Guitar. She also added Spanish and cooking. I think she will be my easiest one.

My son, however, UGH! Not so easy. He did decide to stick with guitar, which pleased me. I think everyone should have a music background. He said he may even try piano. He also wanted to take Spanish, deciding since most of the people we see around our area, that speak a different language, are Spanish-speaking, that would be the language that would be more valuable to know. That was a good decision too.

I gave him the same list of other electives that I gave my daughter. My son looked at it and chose NOTHING. UGH! I say again, UGH! So I started thinking about where his interests lie. He loves anything having to do with the military and law enforcement. While standing in the shower trying to figure out what he could do, it hit me. History of Weaponry beginning with medieval times. He loved that idea. From there sprung military history and history of tanks, then on to the history of military jets. I decided to throw war history in there too–beginning with The Revolutionary War.

It will be a lot of writing for both, but this will help in their writing and they will enjoy it too. I already have a report template made up for them. I am finally excited with a WOW! This should be a fun chapter in our 5th year of homeschool (I’ll let you know ). Field trips are on the horizon and I cannot wait! Happy trails!

Keep smiling,



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