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Wow! Junior High


Now, honestly that is not an excited “Wow”. It is still a blessing to be able to homeschool, but all of a sudden there is so much more to do. ELECTIVES–these are the burrs in my shoe right now. Suddenly my days have become packed. I am gone two out of five days to drive my kids to their electives and I also have to pack math, science, social studies, literature, grammar, and composition into the week and make sure they have enough time in those subjects to complete the credits needed for eighth grade.

MIND BLOWN. I can completely understand when parents want to quit homeschooling when their children get into the junior and senior high years.

Now, ready for this. That is when your kids need you the most. That is a time of huge transition for them, and I am blessed that I am able to be there for these very trying years. Is it hard? So far, no, as far as attitudes go. I do expect that to change, but then again I might be one of the luckiest parents alive and my children won’t have the attitudes–I can hope, right? 🙂

So onto our second year in junior high–may the force be with me. God being that force.

Oh, one other thing I must share with you. We are also starting a new Bible study. It is by Kari Denker from Stone Soup for Five it is by far the best thing I have ever done and I believe my kids will even enjoy it. It is called Journal and Doodle through the Bible. She has created several workbooks for journaling with different books in the Bible–Ephesians, Galatians, Luke, and more. First and Second Corinthians just came out yesterday. I have Ephesians right now. Hopefully will have some pictures of my journal to share soon. You really need to check it out if you are looking. I just started and am enjoying it immensely. Already it has brought me closer to God’s word, something I have tried to find a better way to do. Happy trails to you, until we meet again.

Keep smiling,




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