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And So We Begin 2015-2016 School Year


So this year has started fairly well. No huge blow-ups or meltdowns. Some dislikes, but I always expect that. that has been the story with our new grammar curriculum.

My children have not really been upset about their schoolwork, just the amount that suddenly increased.

I warned them at the end of last year, that since they will begin eighth grade, things will change. The main thing that has changed is the amount they would have to write. We started a new grammar book. It is not a workbook. It is a text-book. It is called Writer’s Choice.

Grammar Book

I like this book because it pulls composition and grammar all together. It starts with a Bellringer writing exercise but with a theme. It also introduces a grammar concept with it. LOVE IT! Finally a book that shows how to use concepts in writing. YAY!!!

We used Easy Grammar from the time we began five years ago. It was great, but I think we need to dig deeper into our English language, now. That is what this book is doing. It is not much different, except the bigger concepts introduced that are used a lot in writing. I am happy with it, and my children are okay with it. I think once they get used to not having a workbook they will be fine too. We’ll just have to wait and see. One of the great things about homeschool is you can always change if something isn’t working.

Science this year is “earth science.” We are studying geology and meteorology. My kids are really excited about those. It is a great study and a great helper in understanding. My hope is that the more they understand, the less they fear (weather in particular), how storms turn into tornadoes; how thunderstorms form; etc. We live in the south where hurricanes and tornadoes are just a part of life. They really wanted to learn about different rocks, volcanoes, why we have mountains, etc, too. So this is how I chose to teach it. All written in Christian view. 🙂

And so we begin another year. I hope yours goes smoothly too.

Here we gooooooo . . .

Happy trails to you,






  1. Caylie says:

    Last Monday was our first day for this year. Happy Homeschooling to you and yours!!


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