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We Have a Garden


We have a garden. The cucumbers and tomatoes are bursting out of the fence they are contained in. Isn’t that how things are to grow, though. Let them grow, do not try to forcefully hold them back.

Then I started thinking about two other gardens I have tended, but these were not vegetable gardens. These gardens bloom with every good and amazing thing that God created. They are my children. I did not hold them back from what they could learn. I pushed them out of the fence they had built around themselves. They grew. They grew daily and to enormous proportions. Our days are full of grace and goodness.

Many times I would beat myself up over things that I thought I wasn’t teaching well, but then they proved me wrong and learned, and grew some more. I have no idea how, sometimes until I stop and think.

God gave me these two beautiful children. He believed I was enough. He believed I could help them to grow and become their greatest selves. It is exactly what God wanted me to do. I am so very privileged and blessed by God to have been given these two beautiful children. On days I doubt, I pray. Am I enough?

God answers my prayers.

My dear child, you are enough.

You are enough to make them grow.

You planted them in my word, 

and, therefore, in their souls. 



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