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And So Ends Our Year


Another year of homeschool finished. I will have to admit that this has been the best year yet. I like the way the schedule worked out too. We tried many different things this year because it was the beginning of junior high for both of my children. We also experimented with some higher-up classes to see what more I could challenge them with. They ended up loving them. YAY!!

We started a new world history curriculum, and it was fantastic! I finally found a good math program that we could stick with and they would learn quickly from–another YAY!

I would not give up the freedom of homeschooling for anything in this world. My children get to help me plan what they will take each year. It makes for children who love learning what is being taught. We started extra-curricular activities this year–guitar, piano, and art. My daughter also decided she loved creative writing so now that has become an elective for her. My son has decided that military history is his thing, and he has shown me some rather interesting facts that he discovered. I have been impressed.

Right now, Addy is writing her first book–The Dragon Portal. She is on her second chapter. Who knows, maybe she will be a New York Times Best-Selling Author. We will see. 🙂

Will is researching a tank–T95 Tank Destroyer / Super Heavy Tank T28 that was built but never used in WWII and telling me some interesting facts about it. Info per Will–Only two were built. One is still around. It was found in a field in 1974 and is now at Fort Benning, GA. It was never put into service because it was so slow (too much armor)–only went 8 miles an hour. He is trying to find a model of it so he can build it. 🙂

Their interests can lead to so many things. I can’t wait to see what happens next year! Have a great summer! Happy trails to you, until we meet again!

Keep smiling,



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