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How Do You Start?


Wow, it’s amazing how many people have asked me this question lately. I have my theories about why many are turning to homeschool now, but I will keep those to myself, I could be wrong. Although, I could be right, too. Whatever the reason, it is one of the choices we have in educating our children. How nice it is, that for now, we have that choice.

So, how do you start homeschooling? My first answer usually is, “Pray about it.” You will receive guidance about it. Most return with “We have.” I like to hear the “we” part of that. That means that as a family they have made the decision together. My next answer is “Choose a cover school.” If they have no idea where to start with that, I have a list that a dear friend gave me when I started. I have held onto that for almost five years, now.

On this list was also a few curriculum groups that she had used in the past. The main thing when beginning homeschool is to choose what is right for your child. It may take a lot of trial and error, but you will find the niche. The question I get most is, “What if ___ (fill in the blank)?”

I believe that is the curse of homeschooling parents. All I have to say is this–You know your children better than anyone, you were their first teacher. You can do this.

Trust me, I had these exact same questions flying through my head when we decided to homeschool. Is it easy? I will not lie and tell you it is, because it isn’t. You will have great days, good days, shaky days and really bad days, but from my experience the great days and good days, far outweigh the shaky and really bad days. You will see your child gaining  knowledge with every step you take. It is a most amazing sight to watch. My favorites are the “Eureka” moments–those times when your child is struggling with a concept, and then one day they get it and finally understand it. Those are great days.

You can also go at your child’s pace in learning. No child learns the exact same way as their peers. You have the freedom to find your child’s way of learning and teach them in that way. They learn quicker when you do.

So in answer to the main question–How do you start? Just begin. Happy trails!



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