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Yay for Spring!!!



Ah, spring. It is my favorite time of the year, despite the pollen. Everything feels fresh and new. It is when the “Winter Burnout” goes away. I finally figured that out about two years ago. So fear not Homeschooling Mommas. You’ll perk up soon. Spring takes us outside more often. Some days we even have school outside. It is WONDERFUL!! I’m glad I live in the south. Winter doesn’t last that long when it all comes down to it. We have more days with warmer temps than not. But the warmer temps also mean summer is on its way with 90-100 degree and above days. That’s okay. It’s just a cycle.

My kids get excited too. They know it’s almost the start of our summer break (6 weeks). It begins in June and lasts until mid-July. We start back then, but not heavily into the books. It’s when we go to the creek at Black Creek Park and decide what kind of snake might be staring at us from the water–after we jump out of it. It’s more of a philosophical reflective time with a few books and things thrown in for good measure.

So, Here’s to SPRING!!! Thank You, God, for blessing us with another one to enjoy. We see your creation all over again when all things are made new! Happy Trails!



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