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Winter Burnout


It never fails during the very cold, gray, yucky winter months, my enthusiasm to teach dwindles badly. I get to the point where I am rushing my children through their work because I JUST WANT TO FINISH. Well, how selfish of me and what a disservice I am doing to my children.

I took them out of public school to begin with because they weren’t getting the extra help they needed (both are dyslexic). I knew by having them home I could give them the one-on-one time that they needed so desperately. We made leaps and bounds that first year. More than I thought was possible. It was amazing how quickly they advanced. Then I noticed each and every time, after starting back from Christmas break, how I just wanted to throw in the towel and put them back in public school. I used to think I had turned into failure.

Then I discovered that was not it. It was the “winter homeschool blues”, too cold to set foot outside and so suffocating to stay in. I was at a loss. Then I realized after one very nerve-wracking day I just had to breathe. I ran outside with my dogs and just stood in the crisp winter air. The coldness took my breath away, literally, once able to breathe I sucked in lungfulls (probably not a word, but works for my purpose right now) of air, over and over again. It was freezing, but amazingly calming. It helped me get my wits about me again and go back to being able to teach.

Now, even in the winter freezing temps, I go out and just breathe. It is amazing what a breath of fresh air will do. I have now been homeschooling for four years and I make sure I go out and breathe every once and a while. It clears my head.

To the new homeschool mom. Don’t let winter get the best of you. You can do this! Don’t give into winter burnout. Go out and breathe winter in.

Until we meet again,



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