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A Day of Mom-fail


We all have those days. Those are the days when you look around and wonder how many more times you can fail that day. I read a blog post from the Homeschool Mom yesterday, or maybe it was today. She wrote about her child looking at her and saying “you’re not my friend anymore.” Children’s words can hurt us many times.

But how many times have our words hurt our children? Today I had one of those Mom-fail days. I jumped all over my 13-year-old about being rude because I did not hear everything that was said and I ended up regretting what I said. . . Here’s what happened . . .

We were getting a few grocery items. Well, where our milk was on the shelf, a lady counting inventory was right in the doorway. I THOUGHT my son just barged his way over her to get our milk. I called him on it, rather loudly in the dairy section of the store. The woman sitting there stared at me. I embarassed him, then found out after we got home and I confronted him, that he did say “excuse me” before he tried to reach over her.

I knew better. I knew I had raised him to always be polite and I thought, with his haughty attitude as of late, he wasn’t polite. Epic Mom-fail. He very calmly and respectfully explained, “Mom, I tried to tell you that, but you wouldn’t listen.” How many times had I said that to him over the years? “I tried to tell you, son, but you wouldn’t listen.”

WOW–called out by my 13-year-old son. I cried and apologized. Went to my room and cried some more. He came to me later, hugged my neck, and 5’6″ to 5’6″, eye-to-eye with me, said, “Mom, I love you. You’re still the best.” Yep, I cried again.

I know my children better than anyone. I knew better than to believe he wasn’t polite to the lady sitting there. I came in at the wrong time and didn’t hear it. My new motto–“Listen more, talk less.”

God gave us TWO ears and ONE tongue for a reason. My son could have yelled because he was mad at me, but he chose exactly what I taught him to–Speak calmly and Mom listens better. It is just further proof of how much he has matured in the past few years. So today was a Mom-fail day. Tomorrow is a new day. It is up to me what I wish to do with it.

Happiness is–my wonderful, loving children given to me by God. Happy homeschooling. ❤



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