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WHEW! I Was Getting Worried


Well, it took a week, but we are finally back in the swing. I was getting worried that I had done something bad wrong. (Wouldn’t be the first time.) It doesn’t matter how long you have been homeschooling. It is a constant process of learning and discovering–and not only in subject matter. It is a constant process for the teacher (Mom), too.

We started several new things (same subjects, different subject matter) for this semester. I was afraid I had put my kids’ brains on overload. So happy to find out that I was wrong. I took inventory, and what we are doing this semester (subject-wise) is not much different than what we did last semester. The only new thing I added was IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing). They are taking to it rather well.

One of the things I was extremely worried about, was something I shouldn’t have been worried about at all. It’s funny how kids can hide what they actually know. It was a pleasing discovery all the same. So as of now we are sailing right along (could change tomorrow 🙂 ), but for now it makes for a happy Mom and happier kids!

Until we meet again,



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