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Time to Get Serious


Yeah, when my kids heard those words today, they grumbled, as usual. However, it is our first day back in six weeks. The first day back is always bumpy.

I was excited though, when we went into our new history curriculum, they called it awesome!! 🙂  Thrilled me to hear that.

The first day back was not as bad as I expected. They were drowsy and floppy, but they perked up after breakfast. I was pleased to see that they liked the writing part of the day. We worked on keyword outlines. It was a science and writing lesson in one. They were excited because they didn’t have to do a seperate science lesson.  😉

Once we get back into the routine, things will smooth out. I am glad it went as well as it did today, especially with all the new subjects that were introduced. If you started back today, hope your day went well!

Until we meet again,




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