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My Favorite Thing


I have many favorite things. However, I revceived a gift for Christmas that meant more in the world to me than any I could have ever received. I loved it so much, I cried. Happy tears, mind you, but it still made me cry.

Story behind it–I have wanted to be a teacher probably since I could actually speak. I am the first born of two. I have a younger brother–he’s six years younger than me. I used to guilt him into playing schoool with me. Not nice to guilt others into something, but I was a kid. As kids we do what we can to get what we want. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

So, anyway, my brother was always the student (starting at age three) and I was always the teacher. Do you see where this is going?

My brother is an extremely brilliant man, much more intelligent than I am, so his claims that he learned a lot from me–I question. However, he holds to them. He was always a good sport when it came to me begging him to play school. ūüôā

Now, our agreement for every Christmas is that we don’t exchange gifts–one, because whatever we want we usually buy ourselves, and plus, we are very hard to shop for. I do give gifts of photos to him, each year, of his niece and nephew. He lives in California so he likes those because he ¬†kind of¬†gets to keep up with them even though he is on the other side of the world (in my opinion). California is a long way away from Alabama.

This year he did give me a gift, one that I will forever treasure because of what he said (see below). He gave me a wooden plaque.


Yes, I cried. I did live my dream of being a teacher. I taught in the public and private school sector for a combined total of 12 years. I left teaching to become a Mom. Now I teach my own children. So I have taught now for 16 years. If you include the many years I guilted my brother into playing school with me, it would be 20 years. In giving me the gift he made sure I knew, even said, “that has more than one¬†meaning” when I opened it. I cried some more.

I love my brother dearly and miss him a ton and only see him every other year for Christmas, but¬†that’s okay. He has a fiancee whose family lives in Minnesota, so it’s one year for Christmas in Minnesota, the next year for Christmas in Alabama. So the years I get to see him are priceless as well as the gift he gave me this year, invaluable! It sits on top of my desk, so every time I see it I can remember Christmas Day 2014 and look forward to Christmas 2016 when I get to see him and his fiancee now, soon-to-be wife.

So, 2015? Yes, I still know it’s here, but it’s just beginning. 2015 holds mystery that will unravel each day¬†of it that God grants me. Hope your year has started well and will continue. Happy New Year! ¬† ¬†‚̧

Until we meet again,



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