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YAY!!!! Our History Curriculum Is Almost Here


Okay, yes, I like to track my packages. I saw it was at our local post office. It should be delivered today. I feel like Christmas is arriving early for me.  EEEEEEE!!!! I am so excited. Why am I so excited? Because I LOVE what I do. I am mom to two of the greatest kids in the world, I am a teacher to two of the greatest kids in the world. Homeschool is still the best decision we have ever made, only second to deciding to be parents.

Now, quick serious check. The last post was rather negative and I apologize. I know that is not the last time I will hear something like that, nor the last time that my children will hear something like that. After we spoke, the one that said that explained to me the context in which he was speaking. I will let it go as a misunderstanding. We have been friends for twenty some odd years, and no matter what I say about being a mom and a homeschooling mom, God is always first, and Jesus said in Matthew (paraphrased) 5:39 we are to turn the other cheek and 5:41 to go the extra mile. Turn the other cheek means to forgive and go the extra mile means to help someone further understand that you are not there because you are forced, but you are there because you care. Friends are always there and to be friends doesn’t mean you have to agree with each other on everything, but you know you can always count on each other to be there in times of need and all times–good and bad.

SO now, I have a few more weeks to look over the new history curriculum and get ready, get set, TEACH! Can’t wait!! To you and yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Until we meet again,



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