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Paper Grading, Music, and Independence


And what do those three have to do with each other . . . read on–

I don’t know why I do this to myself. I always wait until the last minute to grade papers. Well, this year I pulled my kids into it. They stayed with it for awhile, grading each other’s papers. I’ll have to say they stuck with it until it was time to go to music. They both take guitar, and my youngest takes piano too. Both are very talented in music. I am so thrilled about that. I was in choir in school and LOVED it. I am trying to get them interested in sports of some kind, but neither are very athletic. When I gave them a choice of about four different ones, they both chose archery. I am glad they are not in the norm. That gives them a sense of individualism.

When they were in public school, they followed they crowd. Now that they are not in public school, they have blossomed into two of the most amazing young people I have ever seen. They don’t want to follow the crowd. YAY!!! Each has their own ideas and their own ways to do them. That is fine with me. Keep on going! Love you both!

Until we meet again,




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