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I’ve Found a Way to Make History Exciting or at Least Fun


Timeline Inventions                   Timeline Historical

Inventions                                                                                                     Historical Events

Timeline Diversities                     Timeline Discoveries


Diversities (many different things)                                                                          Discoveries



First I guess I need to explain HOW I found these. For Christmas I always buy some kind of board game for my children. We are a gaming family, but a board-gaming family. We have family game night. I found the game I wanted to get my children and decided to go through and just see what else was out there that I may not know about. Low and behold, I find these. I never knew these existed, but what a great way to memorize important events in history and make it fun in the process. I am waiting on the Diversities one to come back in stock. I have ordered the other three.

My children, unlike me, find history boring. I try to explain that history made us who we are today. We go into things like the Jamestown settlement and other stories from there. I also try to explain that without history many things wouldn’t be here that are here now.  History is what we are. Our children may even make history one day. We can never know. So in history we try to pull everything possible into it. Why not make it fun to reveal things in this way too?

I am probably way more excited about these games than my children are, but I hope that once they become part of our history curriculum, they will be just as excited. Wish us luck. If you want to find these for your family, go on .

They don’t know it yet, but they are also getting Lazer Maze and Bananagrams. Both of these can also  be found on Target website. Happy homeschooling!

Until we meet again,



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