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Homeschool–Best Thing I Ever Did


So, although our week was cut short (sick children), it started off well. We went to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and they got a hands-on lesson on George Washington Carver. The event was supposed to be for 4th through 6th grade, but I think more read it as for 4-6 year olds. Oh well, I guess I’m one of the strange ones. I only have two children and both are in middle school (6th and 7th), which honestly makes things much easier. I can choose one age-range curriculum because both of them can do it and I am able to do more to challenge them in their learning. They may not like it, because it’s ‘Ugh Mom, more work!’ but I like to challenge them because I know they can do it! 🙂

Yes, I know they can do it. That is why homeschool is the best thing I have ever done. Who knows my children better than I do? No one. I know their weaknesses and strengths better than anyone and that is how we homeschool. I teach to their strengths and make their weaknesses stronger. I LOVE HOMESCHOOL! My children do too, even though I get the ‘Ugh mom, (fill in the blank).’ I know they love it more than they ‘Ugh’ it. They will be the first ones, when asked, to tell you they are homeschooled. It does my heart good to be able to teach my children and get closer to them all at the same time. I am not the hated teacher from public school. I am the teacher-Mom they seem to like. 😉 Keep smiling! Happy homeschooling!



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