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Monday–Good Morning, I love you, Mom . . . UGH! More work!?


What a change from one minute to the next. Of course this happens all the time. They love me, they love homeschool, and they love the fact that they get to stay in their pajamas for homeschool, until Sunday night rolls around, after we get back from evening worship and it has sunk in that school is the next day. Oh, well, that’s the way it goes.

Personally, I LOVE MONDAYS. Some of you may think I have cracked, but I haven’t. I look forward to my Mondays. It means a new week of school and since I have always been a teacher, even before my children were born, Mondays excite me. Of course, not so much for my children, but I don’t know of any child, homeschooled or public-schooled, that likes to leave their weekends. The one thing I do know is some absolutely hate getting up to go to school in the mornings, but although I get an ‘UGH! More Work!?’ from mine sometimes, they still love the fact that they get to stay home and do it.  And if I ever ask them if they want to go back to public school, there is always a resounding “NO MA’AM!” Always with politeness, but always with emphasis.

I have to brag on my children for just a moment. We were in the store the other day and this older woman, probably around 75, just began carrying on a conversation with us. She wondered why my children weren’t in school. They both spoke up proudly, “We are homeschooled.” She asked them other questions and each time they answered with a “Yes, Ma’am” or “No, Ma’am.” She looked at me and said, as I stood there, not saying anything because my children had taken the conversation, “They are some of the politest children I have met in many years. It was wonderful to talk to both of you today.” Proud Mom moment.

So to ALL you homeschool moms out there. Don’t dread the Mondays. Each one is the start of the rest of your children’s lives!

Happy Monday!



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