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And . . . an Alien Has Taken Over My Son


So, last night at dinner, we are all sitting at the table (an accomplishment in itself), and chatting about different things. My daughter’s favorite subject is Minecraft, which I have yet to figure out the reasoning behind, but she LOVES IT! It is a creative game, maybe that’s why. She loves to draw, paint, and create all kinds of things. My son was rather quiet for a moment, seemed in deep thought about something–I assume that is when the alien took him over. Then he went right back to smiling and talking along with us.

We had finished dinner and I was going through the day’s mail, finally received the book I had on my list to be reviewed next–Mimi Power and the I-don’t-know-what  by Victoria Miles, looking forward to reading it.

As I pondered about the book, my son stands up from the table and starts putting things away. Never had to ask him. He just got up and started doing it. WOW! After putting everything from the table in the fridge. He just walked over to the stovetop and started putting away the leftovers–never has he ever done that. I watched him and he had this huge grin spreading across his face, one of those sweet but impish grins. The funny part, he knew what I was thinking. He said, “Mom, don’t worry, no alien has taken me over, just thought I would put things away.”

Awww!! Don’t I have the sweetest son, ever! He sometimes surprises me by doing things like that. Keep on smiling!



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